From left: Sarah-Leith Izzard, Andrew Bluff (aka Rollerchimp) and Karin Senff.

Triangulate is a collective of three emerging new media artists and composers, who work both individually and collaboratively to create experimental electro-acoustic works which explore the qualities of sound, interactivity and immersion.

Triangulate are currently working on a commission from the New Music Network and the Campbelltown Arts Centre to create a multichannel electro-acoustic performance, based on the sounds of Australian birds:

Whips and Tendrils
Campbelltown Arts Centre, 8pm, Saturday, 21 September 2013.

Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design in 2013, Karin has complemented her studies with twelve years experience as a production professional in the theatre and live sound industry and time writing and performing with Sydney metal band One Dead Madam.

Inspired by soundscape ecology, bioacoustics and spatial audio practices, her previous work has involved using correlated microphone techniques to create immersive multichannel surround sound electroacoustic compositions and sonifying three-dimensional boidal-flocking simulations to trace the beauty of naturally occurring patterns.

Karin also has a strong interest in interactive design, incorporating Max MSP, Arduino and electronic circuit design in a range of projects; creating a custom Midi controller, an autonomous art display using muscle wire (Nitinol), circuit bending to produce sound and light sensitive ‘insects’ and developing a sound-responsive ferrofluid installation controlled by electromagnets.

ANDREW BLUFF rollerchimp
Rollerchimp (aka Andrew Bluff) is an emerging new media artist with 15 years of software development experience in the creative media industries. Recently completing a Bachelor in Sound and Music Design, Andrew pushes the boundaries of creative and interactive technologies to explore new sonic territories and performance modalities. 

Including interactive theatre, mobile computing, concatenative synthesis and new music instrument design – his work simultaneously employs technology as a compositional tool, instrument and performer while examining the intersection between order and chaos.

Recent collaborations include developing interactive iPad apps for Chicks on Speed's latest exhibition/extravaganza at Artspace in Sydney, and providing hands on technical know-how for Stalker Theatre's performance 'Encoded'.

For more of Andrew's work check out his website (link above).

After graduating from the Elam School of Fine Art at the University of Auckland in 1995, Sarah-Leith Izzard relocated to London where she worked in the creative industry for 8 years. Sarah-Leith is now based in Sydney, and has recently completed the Bachelor of Sound and Music Design at the University of Technology Sydney.

Her work explores composition, spatialization and interactivity in a way which both challenges and extends perceptions of ‘reality’.

“My principal interest is the transportation of the self into alternate psychological states, primarily through exploration of the aural modality. Understanding of the perceived ‘natural world’, narrative structure and audience immersion are manipulated through the interrogation of fixed and moving perspectives. This, combined with sonic spatialization, creates an enriched and multi-dimensional audience experience”.