Sarah-Leith Izzard | 7.1 surround sound fixed media (stereo mix)


Selected for the 2013 New Adventures in Sound Art 'Deep Wireless' Festival in Toronto. For more information click here.

Originally composed as a 7.1 surround sound work, the intention of this piece is to evoke an intense and immersive sense of place – both real and imagined, physical and psychological.

Based on oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s record-breaking deep sea dive of 1979, digitally manipulated sounds re-imagine the descent and the intense, pressurised environment, blurring the line between what is real and what is imagined.

Using a combination of manipulated field-recordings sourced from deep sea research units, acousmatic sound sources and distorted and delayed guitar, this piece explores the tradition of sonic storytelling, creating a ‘cinema of the mind’ without the traditional verbal cues.

The listener starts at the surface and descends alone into darkness. Bioluminescent creatures of the deep appear and a transformation slowly occurs psychologically and physically as ‘she’ progresses further into the unknown.

Lyrics from The Tempest by W. Shakespeare.

Vocal by Laurie Geddes.

SOURCES (other than my own)

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